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"Good coaching develops good ability, confidence, sportsmanship and respect among our young players"

Coaching is an integral part of the GAA and our development as a club. Over the past number of years we have put a strong emphasis on getting as much of our underage coaches and volunteers to participate in coaching workshops and seminars run by both Carnmore and the GAA. We believe through creating a strong culture of fun, enjoyment, effort and respect and aligning ourselves to the very best standards and coaching methods we can help our children develop into capable, versatile and strong players. The goal for our club is to have all our coaches qualified to at least Foundation Level to ensure that our young players have the best possible opportunity to learn and enjoy the games of hurling and camogie.

Currently the GAA have a number of coaching courses available to it's members. These courses begin at Foundation Level and work right the way up to Level 3. On completion of the the Foundation Level course one can choose to pursue courses further in Child, Youth or Adult. Each path consists of three stages. I.e. Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Notice there is only one Foundation course that covers all areas. See the table below:

The foundation course can be completed online at or by attending a one day course which is run several times throughout the year. Carnmore occasionally hosts this course. For those looking to further their training the higher level courses comprise of a number of modules delivered one night per week over a 5-6 week period. The Level 1 Youth and Level 1 Adult are combined, so those wishing to become a Level 1 coach in Youth or Adult can do so by attending one course. On completion of the Foundation course you may choose which path to pursue. Not all Level 1 courses must be completed to take a level 2, just the level 1 which precedes the level 2 you wish to take.

Anyone looking to undertake any of these courses may contact the club for upcoming dates. If you are currently on the mailing list you will receive notification emails when any dates are realized. Those wishing to get involved in coaching must be Garda vetted. A vetting form can be downloaded from the Membership page of this site. If you wish to undertake any of the the courses you must also complete a child protection course. This is a short one morning/evening course. Visit GAA Games Development for further information. Or visit the Connacht GAA website for a list of upcoming courses in Galway and Connacht. Anyone Interested in Referee training courses should contact the club for upcoming dates.

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